10 Pack Imperial Water Cases

10 Pack Imperial Water Cases

Imperial Water, Artesian Water, Best Drinking water, Charlotte NC
  • All natural mineral spring water
    • BPA Bottles and Caps
    • FDA Approved
    • Perfect pH balance of 7.2 - 7.4
    • Taste delicious with no after taste
    • Bottled straight from the source from an artesian spring
    • Servicing communities since 2016
    • Black owned business and Trademark owner

Product description

All natural, chemical free, pure spring water with a perfect PH balance of 7.2 containing over 8 naturally occurring minerals, Imperial Water will leave you feeling not only refreshed, but revitalized. Our product is smooth and delicious without the awful after-taste other brands of water tend to possess. This water is pleasant to drink and is loved by adults and kids alike. Our FDA certification, along with our specialized Ozone/ UV treatment, makes Imperial Water the best, safest and most refreshing answer when thirst is the question! Our sturdy 16 oz BPA-free bottles will leave you speechless.

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